How to get to Sóller
How to get to Sóller

After breaking its ancestral isolation for road in 1997 with the opening of the tunnel, Sóller is the final destination for those that look for the calmness at few kilometers of Palma. Sóller is placed in so alone 20 kilometers of the capital, and has a modern net of roads that connect with the rest of the island. The town is just twenty minutes from the airport. It´s possible to go to Sóller on the road Ma-10 that crosses perpendicularly the Tramuntana Mountain Range connecting all the towns of the region as Valldemossa, Deià, Sóller or Fornalutx.The fastest connection with the capital of the island is carried out across the road Ma.-11. For those that search to arrive soon there is the tunnel, while for those that search to contemplate the landscape of olive trees and oak wood the route it comes marked by the curves of the Coll de Sóller.

Because of the sea vocation of the Port, Sóller has several maritime lines with the ports and soak nearer of its environment, of the rugged Majorcan north coast, journeys that are covered by the vessels denominated "golondrines". With these vessels is possible to visit paradisiac enclaves like Sa Calobra, Cala Tuent, Creek of Deià or Sa Foradada. If the option is to do a journey to the past with marked romantic character, this happens through arriving to Sóller with its railway and going to the port on board the brilliant tram. There are several lines of buses in Sóller, town that moreover has typical service of taxis. Recently entered in service the tunnel of Sa Mola, a variant of 1.300 meters of length on the road that goes from Sóller to the Port through which the traffic is diverted towards the second line of the port zone. This has allowed that the ancient road that arrived to the Port becomes a maritime promenade for the pedestrians. The tunnel of Sa Mola has been qualified like the most convinced of Spain to be the first that incorporates the last innovations on the subject of security that requires the European Union.
How to move in Sóller

Once somebody has come to Sóller the best means of locomotion to move until the Port is on board the tram with old wagons. This peculiar urban train crosses since 1913 the orange trees and the towns of the outlying district to cover in half an hour, and at a moderate speed, the five kilometers that sort out the city from the Port. The terminal station of the tram places in scarce meters of the zone of Santa Catalina, the fishing neighborhood for excellence of Sóller that with their narrow and staight up alleys stairs constitute the ancient centre of the Port. It has been during the last years an object of a delicate process of restoration and improvement. For those who prefer the mainland it is a forced visit to go to Biniaraix and to the neighborhood village of Fornalutx. The best allies to make the excursion are the rucksack and the sport footwear. Because Sóller is a relatively small valley the distances to cover can to fulfill easily on foot, which allows to the visitor to contemplate with care the urban landscape and the luxuriant gardens of orange trees. The urban structures of the village of Biniaraix and the neighbor town of Fornalutx deserve a special mention.

Several cultural and landscape itineraries can be carried out in Sóller. Moreover hiking can be practiced in general, with a level of half dificulty, thanks to several routes open to the public. The walker can look the big olive groves constructed on terraces of stones (the margins) and the boscs of holm oaks that crown the peaks with the panoramic views that offer these excursions about the set of the valley from varied angles and perspectives The walks and excursions for Sóller will take to the visitor for the most beautiful corners of the famous valley of the citrus. The visitor will discover appeling them the soft perfume of the flower of the orange tree in the spring, the sound inconfundible of the cicadas in the summer, the warm evenings of the autumn, and the roar of the waves turning on the cliffs during the winter.

Departing from the Constitució Square where the Town Council is found placed, the visitor will go towards the street Bauça heading to the Square of America to go towards the Cetre street and later to access on the local road Ma-11 that communicates Sóller with the Port de Sóller. Once in this local road, the visitor will go to theaccess of the port for the south mouth of the tunnel of new construction, denominated Sa Mola, or the access on its right, circulating on the inferior part of the same one, will be left heading to the beach denominated de´n Repic.Arriving at the level of the port zone, from the inside of the tunnel, the visitor will be able to park his vehicle in the parking of Lepanto, placed in the left of the second roundabout that it is going to find, which has a capacity upper to the 150 places. *Journey*: 3.8 km. *Time* 7 minutes. If the chosen address is on the Beach of Repic , once in the route perfectly signposted, that south of the tunnel of Sa Mola passes on the part inferior of the mouth, the visitor will access to the Dt.-113 that will allow him|her to arrive until the reviewed beach, being able to park freely in the first parking or being able to opt for the parking regulated beside the same beach. *Jouney*: 3,5 km. *Time*: 5 minutes.
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